What Dressing Goes With Cobb Salad?

6 Salad Dressings That Go Great With Cobb Salad

Who says you can’t have a great cobb salad without tons of mayo and other unhealthy additions? In fact, cobb salads are a great way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet.

They’re also one of the best salad recipes because they allow you to use up things like leftover chicken, hard-to-use vegetables, and even fruit!

That’s right, a cobb is a mixed salad made of a variety of raw vegetables (like lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber) and a protein (like chicken, shrimp, or fish).

In other words, a cobb salad is a great way to get your salad fix while also adding a few extra veggies to your diet! Here are some of our favorite salad dressings that go great with a cobb salad.

The Traditional Cobb Salad dressing is usually the best way to go here…

Traditional Cobb Dressing

When making Cobb salad dressing, the traditional way is usually the best. It typically includes combining all your ingredients – water, red wine vinegar, sugar, fresh lemon juice salt and pepper. Then add Worcestershire sauce and dry mustard before adding garlic to it in olive oil or vegetable oil as well. Mix together well and you’re ready to go!

Thai Cashew Salad Dressing

This Thai cashew salad dressing is a fantastic alternative to mayonnaise-based dressings. The honey and lime give it a refreshing sweetness, while the red curry paste gives it a spicy kick.

This salad dressing is great for Asian-inspired dishes like salmon and chicken, but can also be used for other salads. The cashews make this recipe vegan and non-dairy, making it an ideal choice for people with nut allergies.

Honey mustard Dressing

This honey mustard dressing is an easy and delicious way to add more spice and flavor to your salads. This dressing is creamy and lightly sweet, with a tangy kick from the mustard and vinegar.

Try pairing this mustard with a crunchy recipe like apples, pomegranates, or sliced almonds. Pairing honey mustard with pomegranates adds a pop of color and sweetness to your salad.

Italian Dressing

This Italian dressing is the perfect summer salad dressing. It’s simple and refreshing with a hint of garlic, basil, and olive oil.

If extra garlic isn’t your thing, you can easily sub the amount of garlic in this dressing with your dietary needs in mind. If you have dietary requirements that limit garlic, sub one teaspoon of garlic for every 11 pounds of body weight.

Creamy Avocado Dressing

This avocado dressing is truly one of a kind. The creamy and luscious dressing is also a great way to add extra protein to your salads. Avocado is a healthy and nutrient-packed fruit, making it a great choice for salad dressings. The creamy texture and mild flavor also makes it a great choice for people with dietary restrictions.

Mexican Cheese Dressing

Mexican cheese salad dressing is a great option for when you’re craving a classic Mexican salad. With cumin, chili powder, and lime, this dressing is packed full of flavor.

You can also try adding this Mexican cheese salad dressing to chicken salad, mixed greens, or even on a hamburger bun!

Caesar Salad Dressing

The classic Caesar salad is a classic for a reason. With croutons and Parmesan dressing, this salad is a must-try. You can easily swap out the croutons and Parmesan for a different protein or veggie.

For example, try swapping out the croutons for sliced almonds, chickpeas, or corn.

Bottom line

A cobb is a great way to add more vegetables to your diet, and these cobb salad dressings go great with the mix. Our favorite one? The traditional Cobb salad dressing!

A Cobb salad is a classic American entree made with shredded romaine lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, and bacon. It’s typically served as a side dish or appetizer, and it’s traditionally dressed with mayonnaise, but you can also go the dressing route with a variety of options.

Mayo offers a tangy taste that complements the sweet flavors of the cobb salad, and creamy dressings like ranch and blue cheese provide a smooth texture that works well in contrast to the crunchy lettuce.

You can also try using a vinaigrette for a bold flavor that’s perfect for kicking up all the ingredients in your cobb salad to new heights. Be sure to opt for one that’s made with extra-virgin olive oil—it has been shown to have anti-aging properties that help keep skin looking young and healthy.

While you can top off your Cobb salad with just about anything, the best thing to do is to pair it with something that complements what it already has going on. So if you’re going for creamy, then go for creamy, but don’t overdo it—it’s best when combined with other ingredients instead of being the main focus itself.