What Does It Mean When a Pisces Man Blocks You?‍

When it comes to dating, the red flags that signify an unhealthy relationship are hard to spot. At least, until you get blocked by your love interest on social media.

For most people, getting blocked by a potential partner is a clear indicator of things not working out so what does it mean when a Pisces man blocks you?

Keep reading to discover what blocking someone on social media means in the context of dating, based on your zodiac sign…

Pisces Man Blocking You on Social Media

A Pisces man blocking you on social media is a pretty clear indicator that he’s not interested in dating you any longer.

If you feel like you’ve been going backwards in your relationship, this could very well be why. Jealousy is one of the biggest red flags in any relationship.

If your Pisces boyfriend is feeling increasingly jealous, he might begin to block you on social media as a way to control his (and your) emotions.

Before blocking you, though, he might find other ways to deal with his jealousy, like dictating the terms of your relationship. If you find yourself having to defend your right to do the things you enjoy, you might be dealing with a jealous Pisces man.

Why a Pisces May Block You

Pisces men are the most emotional zodiac sign, and blocking someone is a rather blunt way of dealing with the emotions that come with a new dating relationship.

Jealousy is one of the reasons a Pisces man may block you: He may feel insecure around you, which he might try to control by dictating the terms of your relationship.

He may also block you as a way of ending the relationship if he feels overwhelmed by his emotions. Pisces men often experience very strong feelings, so blocking you might be his way of distancing himself from those emotions.

When It’s Just a Blunt Way of Letting You Know

Although there are many reasons blocking someone might be a sign of the end for your relationship, there are also times when it has a completely different meaning.

If your Pisces boyfriend is not yet ready for a serious relationship and he knows you are, he might block you as a way of letting you know that you’re moving too fast.

He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but blocking you is the simplest way of showing you that he’s not ready for a deep relationship. Blocking someone can also be a way of ending online dating relationships.

You may have connected with your Pisces boyfriend online and been excited to meet him, only to find yourself blocked when he’s ready to move on.

So, He Might Actually Like You… But

If your guy blocks you after calling you “girlfriend” or spending any significant amount of time with you, he might actually like you. He’s just not ready for a relationship. If you’re not ready for a serious relationship, consider his feelings.

Being blunt about your intentions (“I’d love to be friends, but I’m not really interested in dating.”) can be a clear way of letting him know where you stand without hurting his feelings.

If you’re not ready for a serious relationship, but you like him, try not to be too direct about your feelings.

Letting him know that you like him without pressuring him to feel the same way can save you both a lot of unnecessary drama.


If your Pisces boyfriend blocks you, do not try to fight it. This is the clearest sign that he’s not interested in pursuing a serious relationship with you, and you’ll only hurt yourself by trying to continue the relationship.

If you believe you’re ready for something serious and he blocks you, try not to take it personally.

You may have to be blunt with him, or you may have to stop dating him until he’s ready.

However, if he blocks you after spending significant time with you, he may actually like you, and you don’t have to take it personally.

If you’re not ready for a serious relationship, but you like him, there’s nothing wrong with letting him know that.