What Dessert Goes With Lasagna?

Is there anything better than sitting down to a big lasagna dinner with your family? The combination of lasagna and after that dessert is a match made in heaven. But when you’re making lasagna at home, you need to be a little more thoughtful about what goes alongside it. The right dessert can make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Stand back, because we’re about to share some of the best desserts to serve with lasagna.

Moreover, these desserts are perfect for summer when they are light, refreshing and full of flavor. Read on to find out more about these top-notch dessert pairings with lasagna, and get inspired to make your own versions of these delicious treats at home! Sometimes simple is best.

  • Gelato
  • Tiramisu
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Sorbet
  • Cheesecake
  • Custard
  • The above desserts go tremendously well with Lasagna.

What Type of Dessert to Serve With Lasagna?

So what exactly goes with lasagna? We would say light and easy desserts that don’t require too much effort. While there are plenty of tempting options out there, we’ve got a few suggestions for you below.

– Gelato: Gelato is a dessert that is perfect for summer. Delicious flavors like pistachio, chocolate, pistachio and strawberry are perfect with pasta.

– Tiramisu: This is another perfect summer dessert. You can jazz it up by adding a splash of alcohol for an added kick.

– Sorbet: A refreshing alternative to ice cream and perfect for the warm weather. Choose a fruity combination, like strawberry, mango or raspberry.

– Vanilla Ice Cream: This is a classic, and especially good with lasagna due to its creamy texture.

Cheesecake and Custard alternatives

Cheesecake, pudding and custard desserts all have a similar texture, and are great for summer. Choose a fruity flavor for a little extra sweetness.

Easy desserts that everyone will love

Everyone loves tiramisu, so you can’t go wrong with this. If you’re looking for a more simple alternative, use fresh fruit in place of the alcohol.

Another easy option is ice cream. Choose vanilla to complement lasagna perfectly and keep your guests cool this summer.


Desserts are an important part of any meal, especially when you’re making lasagna at home. Not only do they add sweetness to the end of the meal, but they can also help the meal to be an unforgettable experience.

If you’re looking to serve some of the best desserts with lasagna, we’ve got you covered! From gelato and vanilla ice cream to cheesecake and custard, there’s something for everyone in this list. You’ll love experimenting with these treats at home, and maybe even trying out some new ones for the first time.

Now go forth and enjoy some of these perfect dessert pairings with lasagna!