What Cheese Goes Best With Beets?

While beets may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about cheese, the two actually make a surprisingly good pair.

While beets are not the most common cheese pairing, those who regularly enjoy beets with their meals will tell you how good they taste together.

Beets go particularly well with a semi-soft cheese like goat cheese, while a harder cheese like cheddar or Parmesan also works well. Here are some of the best cheese and beets combinations.

Parmesan and Beets

Besides being a delicious and often overlooked cheese, Parmesan is also a great match for beets. The salty, savory taste of Parmesan complements the earthy and intensely sweet taste of beets nicely.

Pair Parmesan with fresh beets, roasted beets, or candied beets to amplify their flavors. You can also pair Parmesan with roasted root vegetables like carrots and turnips.

You can also use Parmesan as a base for a beets and cheesecake recipe. For an extra savory flavor, mix in garlic and herbs like dill or oregano for a great side dish for beets.

Goat Cheese and Beetroot

Goat cheese is an especially popular choice for pairing with beets. The tangy, creamy flavor of goat cheese pairs well with the earthy and slightly sweet taste of beets.

This combination can be enjoyed in multiple ways. You can drizzle goat cheese on grilled beets or even slice them open and lay goat cheese between the beetroot’s leaves to create a beetroot-goat cheese salad.

You can also enjoy goat cheese with roasted beets by brushing the pieces with olive oil and sprinkling with a mixture of sea salt, black pepper and rosemary.

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Cheddar and Beets

Cheddar is a delicious, hard cheese that goes particularly well with beets. Cheddar has a strong, pungent flavor that pairs well with the earthy taste of beets. This cheese is also often used in savory dishes like mac and cheese, so you can also enjoy it with roasted beets. You can also mix cheddar with beets to create a delicious and unique side dish for dinner. This is especially easy to do when you use baby beets, since the little beets will not only look adorable but also taste sweet.

Brie and Beets

Brie is a rich and creamy cheese that pairs well with beets. Brie is often described as sweet and nutty, which is a great description of the flavor of beets. When you enjoy brie and beets, the sweet, nutty flavor of the cheese goes great with the beets, while the creamy texture of the cheese makes a great complement to the beets’ earthy taste. Brie pairs well with a wide variety of foods, so you can enjoy it with different dishes when you pair it with beets.

Blue Cheese and Beets

Blue cheese is another flavorful, savory cheese that goes well with beets. Blue cheeses are often used to add flavor to salads, so they are great for adding a little extra flavor to your salads when you pair them with beets. Blue cheeses also often have strong and unique tastes, which is a great characteristic for beets, since they are often sweet and earthy. Blue cheese is also often very pungent, so it compliments the earthy taste of beets while also adding a powerful flavor.

Asiago and Beets

Asiago is a mild and often salty cheese that goes exceptionally well with beets. Asiago adds a rich, herbed flavor to the beets, while the cheese also adds a mild, savory flavor that goes great with beets. This pairing is also easy to do since you can easily make a beets and asiago dip or you can use this cheese to create a beets and cheese pizza. You can also enjoy asiago with roasted beets.

Feta Cheese and Beets


When it comes to beets, though, you may be surprised at just how well they work with cheese. While mild, soft cheeses are best suited for this pairing, anything from a mellow cheddar to a sharp Parmesan will go well with beets. You can also try mixing in herbs and garlic for an extra savory flavor.