What Can I Use Instead of a Jelly Bag?

What Can I Use As a Alternative for a Jelly Bag?

When making jelly, the process of removing the liquid from the fruit or berries also removes a lot of natural, healthy nutrients.

By using a jelly bag, this separation is easier and more efficient. This leaves you with a more flavorful, healthy jelly. If you don’t have a jelly bag on hand, however, here are some things you can use instead:

What is a jelly bag?

Jelly bags are metal screens that come in various shapes and sizes. They’re often shaped like a cone and have a handle. This is for convenience when you’re in the process of making the jelly.

First, you place the jelly bag in a large pot or bowl, then add fruit or berries to it. Then, you place a weight on top of the mixture to push the liquid out of the fruit and onto the screen. This separates the liquid from the solids.

If you don’t have a jelly bag, don’t worry. You can use a double layer of cheesecloth instead. If you don’t have cheesecloth, though, here are some other things you can use:

-A mesh strainer

-A colander with a cheesecloth lining

-A metal strainer

-A paper towel lined with plastic wrap

-A coffee filter

-Tightly woven cotton cloth

-A clean cotton shirt or scarf

If you’re using a cheesecloth or plastic wrap, be sure to cover the top of the filter with a plate to make sure no solids get through. If you’re using a paper towel, be sure to twist it tightly so no solids get through.

Cheesecloth: Cheesecloth is a good alternative to a jelly bag. You can find cheesecloth at your local grocery store in the baking section.

When in doubt, look in the kitchen section for cheesecloth and baking parchment which are both great substitutes.

Paper Towels or Napkins: Paper towels or napkins are also good alternatives to jelly bags.

You can separate the paper towel or napkin into sections, making it easier to get the liquid out of the fruit.

Wool Sock: Wool socks are also a good substitute for jelly bags. Simply fill the sock with fruit or berries and then tie off the end tightly.

The natural fibers of the sock will then help separate the liquid from the fruit or berries.


Jelly bags are necessary to produce the jelly that most of us are used to. They allow the mixture to drip through a cheesecloth, leaving behind the liquid. This leaves you with a healthy jelly with all the nutrients intact.

If you don’t have a jelly bag on hand, you have some options for what to use instead. For instance, if you have a tea strainer, you can use it to produce your jelly. Other options include using cheesecloth, a coffee filter, or even a fine sieve.

There are many options for what to use instead of a jelly bag. If you have these products available, they can be used instead of a jelly bag. Otherwise, your best bet is to purchase one.