Weber Kettle vs Premium – Whats The Difference?

You might have heard of Weber kettles and premium Weber kettles. But what are they? How do they differ from each other? Are you confused which one to buy?

Well, keep reading to find out. In this post, we will try to explain the differences between a standard Weber kettle and a premium version. We will compare their features and help you understand which one would suit your needs better. Let’s get started!

What is a Weber Kettle?

A Weber kettle is a charcoal barbecue that uses a set of grates to hold food. The kettle can be an open grill or a covered version with a lid. Traditionally, a kettle has a round shape and comes in almost all sizes with a few exceptions.

The kettle has been the most popular type of barbecue grill in the world for decades. First made by the Weber company in 1951 in the United States, it is now produced in many countries and comes in a wide range of designs and sizes.

What is a Weber Premium Kettle?

A Weber premium kettle is a high-end version of a standard kettle. It is made of thicker steel, has a more robust construction, provides better heat retention and comes with a lid that is better insulated than the one on a standard kettle.

A premium kettle is also better looking and has a coating on the handles to make it easier to use and store the kettle. The premium kettle is a great addition to any outdoor cooking setup.

The premium kettle is ideal for tailgating or for someone who does a lot of outdoor cooking. You can cook great tasting food with the premium kettle, including steaks, chicken, vegetables, ribs, and many more delicious foods.

The premium model has a hand heat shield, a temp gauge on lid and a wider cooker surface.

Things to look for when buying a new Weber kettle

There are a few things you should look for when buying a new Weber kettle. Note that all weber kettles are not created equal.

There is a significant difference between a cheap weber kettle and a high-quality one. Therefore, make sure you go for the best one. Size: This is important because you want to make sure the grill will fit in the place where you plan to keep it.

If you don’t have a place for it, you may want to get a smaller model that can be stored away easily. Construction:

The best ones are made from heavy-duty materials, including porcelain-coated grates. Cheaper kettles may have thinner steel or thin grates that can bend or break easily.

Temperature gauge: This is an important feature to look for if you want to use your kettle for more than just cooking hot dogs.

Ease of use: If your grill is difficult to use or clean, you probably won’t use it much. Lid: If you like the convenience of using a kettle with a lid, make sure it is easy to open and close.

Difference between standard and premium Webers

While both come with a lid, the standard weber kettle is made of thinner steel and has smaller grates. The premium weber kettle has bigger grates, thicker steel and a better build quality.

The standard weber kettle has a smaller cooking area, while the premium weber kettle has a bigger cooking area. The standard weber kettle comes with a thermometer that is attached to the lid.

The premium weber kettle has a thermometer that sits in the middle of the grates.

The standard weber kettle has a short handle and a small knob for adjusting the vents, while the premium weber kettle has a long handle and a knob that is larger and easier to use.

Which one should you buy?

If you plan to cook foods such as steaks and ribs often, or if you want to try your hand at whole chicken, the premium weber kettle would be the better choice.

The premium weber kettle is perfect for people who are serious about outdoor cooking and want to use a kettle regularly.

If you plan to do some outdoor cooking occasionally and only want to cook hot dogs and burgers, the standard weber kettle would be more than enough.

It is cheaper, more compact and lighter than the premium weber kettle and will be perfectly sufficient for occasional outdoor cooking.

The standard weber kettle is recommended for someone who wants to use it occasionally and is on a tighter budget.

If you want something that is better than a standard kettle but don’t want the premium version, you can also consider getting a used premium weber kettle.

Wrapping up

The standard weber kettle would be great for occasional outdoor cooking, while the premium weber kettle is more suitable for people who do it often. If you plan to use your kettle a lot, the premium weber is definitely the better choice.

So, these are the differences between a standard weber kettle and a premium weber kettle. If you’re looking to buy a new kettle, these points would help you make a better decision.