Understanding the Leo: Why Are They So Sensitive?

‍Even if you’ve known someone who is a Leo, it can still be hard to understand them. Why are they so sensitive?

What makes them so insecure about themselves that they need constant praise and recognition? How does a Leo react when their pride is hurt so badly?

It can seem almost as if the life of a Leo revolves around being praised for their good looks and performance of tasks. So what is going on here with this sign?

Understanding the Leo requires some answers about why they act in such an insecure way. Let’s take a look at why are they so sensitive and what it means for their relationships.

Why are Leos So Sensitive?

There are a few things that come into play when we try to understand why are Leos so sensitive. The first major aspect of this is their perception of self-worth.

Leos are often so concerned with how others see them that they almost come to believe it themselves. They need to feel that others think well of them for them to feel good about themselves.

This may sound like a bit of an exaggeration until you understand the next reason that Leos are so sensitive. The second major aspect that comes into play when we try to understand why are Leos so sensitive is their tendency toward self-criticism.

Leos are so hard on themselves that nothing they do will ever be good enough. They need constant reassurance that they are doing well and that people see them positively.

For example, a Leo might be given praise for a job well done, but wonder if their boss would have said the same thing if they were around. They are so hard on themselves that they are constantly looking for flaws that others might not see.

What Does It Mean When A Leo Is Insecure?

The root of all of this insecurity is that Leo is trying to get others to affirm their self-worth. They might not even realize that they are doing this in the first place. It is simply how they were raised, the expectations of others, or their way of interpreting the world around them.

Insecurity and sensitivity are often normal human traits that come into play in the lives of many people. It is just that they are taken to a much higher level in the lives of Leos.

When a Leo is insecure, it may mean that they like you but can’t figure out a way to say it, or that they just don’t have the skills to communicate their feelings to you.

It can also mean that you are pressuring them in some way that they don’t understand, or that you have come between them and someone else.

The best way to handle this is to try and understand the root of the insecurity. How do they interpret your actions? What events have come between you and the Leo in your life?

How Do They React When Their Pride Is Hurt?

When a Leo’s pride is hurt, they can either be overly sensitive or they can become extremely defensive. At this point, they are no longer trying to get reassurance that others think well of them. They are now trying to find out who was responsible and even make them pay.

Pride is often equated with the need to prove that they are good enough. They may want to prove that they are smart enough or good-looking enough.

This can result in them being competitive with others or even in a need to win every argument or discussion. You may also notice that they get snappy with others when they are trying to defend their pride.


Leos are often misunderstood by those who don’t know them well. It can be hard to understand why they are so sensitive and why they react the way they do when their pride is hurt.

The best way to understand a Leo is to know what makes them tick and the expectations they have for themselves and the people around them.

When you truly understand a Leo, it is much easier to love and appreciate them for who they are.