Steak Fries vs Chips

A Comparison of Steak Fries vs Chips

While the concept of pairing French fries with a burger is nothing new, the idea of serving steak fries with a steak dinner is. So, exactly how does the combination of steak and steak fries taste?

Well, as it turns out, it’s absolutely delicious. In fact, there are a growing number of steakhouse and casual dining restaurants across North America that are now offering steak fries as a part of their menus. So, if you’ve been yearning for an excuse to order steak fries at your next restaurant, this guide is for you.

In this article, we’ll be comparing steak fries vs chips, laying out the differences between these two popular French fry variants, and sharing tips on how to choose between them.

What are steak fries?

A lot of people are under the impression that steak fries are somehow related to steak, or that they’re a type of potato.

In fact, steak fries are simply French fries that have been seasoned with salt and pepper, then grilled until they’re crunchy and edges are slightly charred.

Since steak fries are fried, the natural oils present in the potatoes are actually changed into different compounds and flavors when heated, which gives them a “meaty” taste.

Now, when we say “steak fry”, we don’t mean the actual steak, but rather the seasoning used on the fries. That’s why you’ll commonly see it paired with the word “steak”.

What are chips?

Chips are cut potatoes that are typically deep fried.

They’re available in a variety of forms, with the most common being corn, flour, and potato.

Although chips are typically associated with the U.S., they’re actually quite popular in other countries too, including the U.K., where they’re known as French fries. Basically theyre fat french fries.

Differences between steak fries and chips

The main difference between steak fries and chips is their preparation. While chips are simply deep fried potatoes, steak fries are first boiled, then fried.

This extra step of boiling the spuds removes a lot of the natural oils present in potatoes, which gives them a drier and “healthier” taste.

Another important factor to consider is the seasoning used on steak fries vs chips. While chips are typically dusted with plain salt, steak fries are often seasoned with herbs and spices.

These elements come together to give steak fries their distinct flavor, which is why you’ll often see them paired with the word “steak”.

Final Words

So, the next time you’re in the mood for steak, why not try pairing it with steak fries? The combination of these two flavors is surprisingly delicious, and it gives your steak dinner a whole new twist.

While steak fries vs chips might sound like a complicated comparison, we hope after reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what each option is, and be better equipped to make the right choice for your next meal. With so many delicious options out there, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pairing for your next steak dinner.