Soda vs Soft Drink – What’s The Difference?

When you hear the word ‘soda’, what comes to mind? If it’s a can of cola, then you are familiar with the term. The name comes from the root word ‘sodium’. A soft drink is simply any carbonated beverage that has a lot of sugar and a distinct taste.

So, what’s the difference between soda and soft drinks? Do they taste the same? There are a few key differences between these two beverages as well as some similarities.

Let’s take a look at some of these differences so you can make the right decision when it comes to your next soda or soft drink.

Soda and soft drink can be used interchangeable in most situations. However, soda can be sparkling water “soda water” whereas a softdrink is always a sweetened carbonated beverage.

What is a Soda?

A soda is a sparkling beverage that usually contains carbonated water, sugar, and a pleasant-tasting sweetener. The most common sodas are colas, but there are many other sodas targeting specific audiences. You might be surprised to learn that many fancy coffee drinks are sodas.

It’s easy to confuse the two – after all, soda is just a drink with bubbles. A soda’s main ingredients are carbonated water and sugar, with a little flavoring and color. Unless one is referring to a soda water.

What is a Soft Drink?

A soft drink is sparkling beverage that usually contains natural or artificial sweeteners, sugar, and water. Soft drinks don’t contain ethanol (i.e., alcohol) and are often categorized as non-beverageia beverages. This category includes things like sports drinks and sweetened water.

Unlike sodas, which are carbonated, soft drinks don’t contain always contain carbonation. They might be sweetened with sugar, HFCS, or another sweetener.

Differences between Soda and Soft Drink

In order to be considered a soft drink, a beverage must not contain any alcohol.

Soda and soft drinks both refer to sparkling beverages they contain natural or artificial sweeteners.

A soda is a carbonated, sparkling beverage that usually contains sugar and a lot of calories. Although these days there are many zero sugar zero calorie options.

Final Words

So, what’s the difference between soda and soft drink?

Soft drink is a sweet carbonated beverage, whereas soda can be either sparkling water or any other sweetened carbonated beverage.