Scorpio vs Aries: The Difference Between These Darkly Desired Zodiac Signs.

Scorpio vs Aries: The difference is straightforward and yet so confusing. Scorpio is a sign that represents the deep and mysterious qualities of the dark side.

Aries is a sign that represents the assertiveness, adventure and energy of youth. They are opposites that attract each other for one reason or another and in this article I’ll explore how these two signs can get along like fire and water.

What are the differences between Scorpio and Aries?

Aries is an air sign while Scorpio is an earth sign. This means that Aries is quick, impulsive and always in motion. However, Scorpio would be the complete opposite of Aries because they are a fixed sign which means they’re deep and mysterious.

Scorpio like to think about everything before making a decision or moving forward with something. They plan things out and don’t jump into things without thinking it through.

They need time to reflect on situations, take their time and then make a decision on how to proceed with what’s going on.

On the other hand, Aries are bold and full of energy which makes them great at tasks such as planning events and parties as well as taking charge of any situation they find themselves in.

Scorpio will also give you their undivided attention when you’re with them which can be really powerful. You’ll feel like they really care about what you’re saying because they want to know everything that’s going on in your life even if it doesn’t have anything to do with them.

On the other hand, Aries will probably keep things light so that they can get done what needs to get done without too much drama or fussing over who gets their attention

How do they attract each other?

Aries and Scorpio are two opposite signs that both contain similarities. Aries is the fire sign, which is a passionate, assertive and optimistic.

They have the same independence streak as Scorpio and want to be in charge of their own destiny. This is something that Scorpio can relate to because they also want to control their own life and make their own decisions without being micromanaged by anyone else.

Scorpio on the other hand, has a mysterious energy about them that gives Aries the sense of adventure they need.

These two signs share an adventurous personality with a deep dark side and it’s why they tend to attract each other so much. When they’re together they’ll always be on the move, breaking norms and pushing boundaries.

Both signs are also very sexual beings which is why you’ll find that these two will have intense chemistry with one another even when they’re not physically together.

What do they have in common?

Both Scorpio and Aries enjoy being their own person; they both want to be in charge of the way they live their lives, the people they surround themselves with and the direction their life takes.

They are both dominant signs that don’t like to give up control. They also have a lot to say about what they believe in and how they go about living their lives.

What is different?

Both signs have different energy, but both can thrive off each other’s energy. Scorpio likes a slower pace and Aries tends to go faster. These two signs are similar in many ways but differ in others, which makes for an interesting relationship.

Scorpio likes to keep things under wraps and Aries likes to shout from the rooftops how fabulous they are–not always a good mix! Yet these two sign share many similarities: mutual attraction, commitment, control of self-image, independence and trustworthiness.

Can they work together?

The answer is yes. They can work together as long as one of these two signs learns to appreciate the other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Scorpio has a lot to offer, but they also have their flaws that Aries needs to learn how to work around. Aries needs the emotional support of Scorpio to get through tough times and a constant reassurance that everything will be ok. This is where the more feminine Scorpio comes in handy because they will stay with Aries through thick and thin.

Scorpio needs the confidence of Aries to help them conquer their fears and avoid being too timid or shy when they need it most. Aries helps Scorpion push past their limits by giving them motivation and direction when they feel like quitting on something.

These two signs balance each other out well and don’t need to change anything about themselves for this union to be successful. When both parties appreciate each others’ qualities, life becomes easy for both parties involved.


Scorpio and Aries are both darkly desired zodiac signs, but they have differences in how they attract people. They also have a lot in common as well. Scorpio and Aries are both stubborn and rather independent. But Scorpio and Aries can work together as they have a lot in common and share a common goal.