Sagittarius Horoscope: When Do Sagittarius Hold Grudges?

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and like other fire signs, they have a tendency to burn things and people from time to time. The archer will shoot an arrow that’s not only pointed but also laced with scathing insults.

When the Sagittarius person feels hurt by someone or something, it does not take them long to recover — eventually. It’s just that in the moment, they feel very much hurt.

And when that hurts their pride or self-esteem, the archer will hold the grudge until they are ready to let it go.

This article focuses on how often do Sagittarius hold grudges and what triggers them to do so.

What Does Holding A Grudge Mean For A Sagittarius?

Holding a grudge means that a person is still angry or resentful towards someone or something even after a long time has passed. When a person holds a grudge, they are not able to let go of the past and move forward in life.

Holding a grudge can also cause a person to feel negative emotions such as resentment, bitterness, and hostility. When a person holds a grudge, their feelings of hurt can cause them to have a bad outlook on life and be spiteful towards the people around them.

Grudges can be harmful to your health both physically and mentally. Holding onto anger and resentment can increase your blood pressure and make you more likely to get sick.

It can also make you more pessimistic about your future and can cause you to be less satisfied with your life.

How Often Do Sagittarius Hold Grudges?

All signs in the zodiac have a tendency to hold a grudge, but they do differ slightly in their overall grudge holding time. Sagittarius is known to be forgiving, but they can easily hold a grudge for months. They are not one to forgive and forget right away. In fact, they hold grudges for longer than many other signs in the zodiac.

This is probably because they are such honest and direct people who have no problem confronting someone who has offended them. They can easily offend others too, so they must be mindful of this fact. When a Sagittarius person is hurt by someone or something, they can be slow to forgive.

They may even hold that grudge for a few years. That’s not to say they will be angry or resentful forever. It just takes the archer some time to get over the hurt and forgive their offender.

Why Do Sagittarius Hold Grudges For So Long?

Sagittarius are emotional and passionate people. They have a tendency to be honest and straightforward, especially when it comes to something they feel strongly about.

This is what makes them attractive to be around and their honesty is their best quality. But it also creates a situation where they may be holding a grudge against someone.

It happens because Sagittarius people want to make sure the other person knows how they feel. And they want the other person to understand how wrong they were for what they did. Sagittarius individuals are also idealistic and optimistic.

They tend to be future-focused and can be easily distracted by the next big thing. This can cause them to forget about their past grudge.

In the meantime, their grudge towards the other person is still there, unspoken. But with time, it will start to fester, and the archer will be reminded of the grudge when they run into the other person again.

The Reason Why Sagittarius Hold Grudges

There are many possible reasons why a Sagittarius person may hold a grudge. They may have been hurt really badly by someone, and they are still trying to get over it. They may be angry at someone for hurting them without any remorse.

Or they may be upset because someone offended them without realizing they’ve done anything wrong. But most likely, they will hold a grudge against someone because they have wronged them in some way. Sagittarius people tend to be honest and straightforward.

They may have been offended because someone lied to them or did something dishonest. They may also have been offended by someone being very inconsiderate about their feelings. Basically, someone has done something that has hurt their pride or self-esteem.

When You Offend A Sagittarius By Accident

Sagittarius people are honest and straightforward by nature. They may offend others unintentionally, but they will not apologize for something they did not intend to do. They may offend others by being too direct, too blunt, and too honest.

They may offend others with their words or actions and not even know that they have done something wrong. They may offend others out of ignorance but not have any remorse for their actions.

Sagittarius people have a tendency to offend others when they say something they think is true while it may not be.

They also have a tendency to offend others when they share their opinion without realizing it may be controversial or offending to others. When they offend others, they have no idea why.

When Someone Purposefully Hurts A Sagittariun

Sagittarius people are forgiving, and they like to be friends with almost everyone. But they have their limits and aren’t afraid to confront people they feel have wronged them.

They may be friendly, but they will be the first one to stand up for themselves and what they believe in.

They are not afraid of confrontation and are often upfront about their feelings. Sagittarius people may be offended by someone who does not like them.

They may also be offended by someone who has been rude or inconsiderate towards them. They may also be offended when someone does not agree with them or their beliefs.


Sagittarius people are honest and straightforward by nature. They like to be friends with almost everyone, but they are also not afraid to confront people they feel have wronged them.

Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to hold grudges. They can hold them for a few months or even years.

Luckily, they do forgive and forget when they are ready. The archer is an adventurous soul who is always up for anything new, but they also have a tendency to get hurt easily.

They need to be careful when they decide to confront someone because they can easily offend them. They also need to be mindful of the words they use when they express their opinion.