How an Aquarius Woman Behaves When She’s Jealous

‍Aquarius women are independent individuals. They aren’t clingy and aren’t typically jealous people. However, that doesn’t mean they never feel jealous. It just means they don’t let their feelings consume them and affect the rest of their lives.

If you’re dating an Aquarius woman and she seems to be acting a little weird or is acting like she doesn’t trust you, it could be because she’s feeling jealous. Here is how an Aquarius woman behaves when she’s jealous:

She doesn’t trust you

Jealousy stems from a lack of trust. If she doesn’t trust you, she’ll feel jealous. This is especially true if you’ve been in a relationship for a while and she’s starting to feel dependent on you. If you’re the type of person who keeps secrets or she doesn’t feel like she can fully trust you, she might feel jealous.

If you don’t communicate with her or if you don’t let her in, even though you’re in a relationship, she might not feel comfortable enough to tell you how she’s feeling. This can lead to her feeling jealous out of nowhere.

She checks up on you a lot

If you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius woman, you can probably expect her to check up on you from time to time. It’s just who she is. She has a type of obsession with being where she needs to be and doing what she needs to do.

If she feels like she’s losing herself in the relationship or you aren’t giving her what she needs, she’ll start checking up on you to make sure you’re still you. She’ll spend time on social media stalking you and finding out things about you. She’ll go through your phone and computer. She might even ask your friends about you.

She makes snarky comments about your exes

If she’s jealous of your exes, she might say something snarky about them. She might be sarcastic or she might make a nasty comment. If she’s jealous of your relationship with an ex, she might bring up that relationship.

If she mentions that you did something a certain way with an ex, she might be jealous because she wishes she was the one who got to do that with you. If she brings up your exes in general or says something rude or snarky about them, she might be jealous because she doesn’t like the fact that you dated them.

She constantly asks where you are

If she’s jealous, she’ll probably ask you where you are all the time. She might do this with your friends as well. If she’s jealous, she might even ask for your GPS location if you have a smartphone. She might also want you to let her know where you are at all times.


Generally, jealousy is a sign that someone isn’t comfortable in a relationship. It often stems from a person feeling insecure and wanting to get reassurance that they’re loved.

If your Aquarius woman is acting weird or you think she may be jealous, try to reassure her that you like her and that you don’t want to leave her.

Be patient and communicate with her. You can overcome jealousy if you work together to fix it.