Flat Bottom Wok vs round-bottom wok

The Difference Between a Flat Bottom Wok and round-bottom wok

When it comes to Chinese woks, most of us think of them as round bottomed. Well, this is mostly because that is the traditional shape.

But today, there are several types of woks. One of them is the Flat-bottomed Wok.

And, these are gaining popularity as it is believed that they are better for stir-frying as compared to the traditional round-bottom woks.

But, what is the difference between a flat-bottom and round-bottom wok? And, which one should you choose? Read on to find out.

What is a Flat-Bottom Wok?

A flat-bottom wok is a traditional Chinese cooking vessel with a flat bottom. This type of wok has been used for thousands of years and is still used for many traditional and modern day dishes.

The flat bottom allows the wok to be used as an oil or deep-fryer.

Many professional chefs prefer to use a flat-bottomed wok when stir-frying as the heat is able to travel more evenly around the pan, as compared to a round-bottom wok.

There is also a reduced chance of scorching due to the pan staying cooler on the stove top.

What is a Round-Bottom Wok?

A round-bottom wok has a circular bottom, unlike a flat-bottom wok. It is usually made out of cast iron and is used to stir-fry and make curries.

It is believed that a round-bottom wok is better when it comes to searing and caramelizing as compared to a flat-bottom wok.

This is because the wok forms a better bond with the stove top burner and creates a better sear.

Differences between Flat-Bottom and Round-Bottom Wok

Here are the main differences between a flat-bottom and a round-bottom wok:

Flat-bottomed woks are better for stir-frying due to the fact that they conduct heat evenly, creating better searing and less likely scorching.

As there is little curve in a flat-bottom wok, they are better suited to making large batches of food. They can also be used as a deep-fryer.

Round-bottomed woks are better for making individualized dishes such as stir-fries, as well as sauteing.

This is because they have a slightly sloped bottom which helps to keep food from sticking to the bottom, making it easier to remove.

Which Wok is Better – Flat Bottom or Round Bottom?

The difference between a flat-bottom wok and a round-bottom wok is subtle and can be a matter of preference. It mostly comes down to which type of cooking you prefer.

If you like to stir-fry, a round-bottom wok is likely to be better as it allows you to get a better sear on the food. A flat-bottom wok is better for making large batches of food due to the slightly thicker bottom.

If you like to make individualized dishes such as stir-fries, a round-bottom wok is likely to be better as you can use the bottom of the wok as a plate to serve the food from.

As there is no flat bottom, you get a slightly better serving experience.

Final Words

When choosing between a round-bottom and a flat-bottom wok, it comes down to preference. While both types of woks have their uses, ultimately it is going to come down to what you like to cook the most.

If you like to make large batches of food and are using a round-bottom wok, you should keep in mind that it will be harder to remove the food from the wok as compared to a flat-bottomed wok.

On the other hand, if you prefer to make individualized dishes such as stir-fries, a flat-bottom wok is likely to be better as there is no sloping bottom which may cause food to stick.