Do Taurus Men Have Issues With Jealousy?

‍Taurus men aren’t immune to the green-eyed monster. Taurus men are known for being grounded, practical and steady. They are also known for being stubborn, set in their ways, and having a short temper when they feel threatened. Taurus men may be resistant to change, but they’re not immune to jealousy. Jealousy is a fear of losing someone or something you love.

It’s an insecurity that arises because we value someone or something. If that person or thing threatens our sense of self by making us feel less than perfect, it can trigger feelings of jealousy in a Taurus man (or anyone).

Sometimes those feelings have validity and other times not so much. But no one is immune to feeling jealous from time to time. Read on for more information about how Taurus men deal with jealousy and ways to address it if it becomes a problem in your relationship…

What’s behind Taurus men’s jealousy?

First, let’s look at what causes jealousy in general. Jealousy can be tied to insecurity, a need to control, feelings of shame, feelings of inadequacy, rivalry, a fear of abandonment, and/or a fear of loss. Jealousy is often tied to a desire to possess something or someone.

That’s not to say it’s always inappropriate or unwarranted — but it’s important to examine the root of your feelings if you’re experiencing jealousy and find constructive ways to manage it. A Taurus man may be jealous if you are getting more attention than he feels like he deserves. He may also feel jealous if he’s worried about being abandoned because he feels like he’s not meeting his partner’s needs.

His feelings about being controlled in a relationship may also trigger jealousy if he feels like you are trying to dominate him or that he has no control over the relationship. Taurus men may also be jealous if they feel like their masculinity is being threatened.

How Do Taurus Men Deal With Jealousy?

If you notice that your Taurus man is acting jealous and it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from a place of insecurity (it’s normal to feel a bit insecure sometimes), it’s important to address it with him and not let it fester. If you are spending time with another person, you may want to set some boundaries to help your Taurus man feel more secure.

If you are spending time with an ex or someone your Taurus man feels is a threat to the relationship, you may want to consider ending the relationship with that person until your Taurus man feels like he’s over it.

Taurus men may be jealous of time you spend with others.

Taurus men tend to be jealous of the time you spend with other people — especially if they’re people they don’t know. If you have a close relationship with your friends and family, you may occasionally want to spend time with them without your Taurus man present.

That doesn’t mean you’re trying to get away from him or that you don’t love him. It just means that everyone needs time to themselves once in a while. Jealousy can be normal in a relationship and it’s important not to let it fester.

If your Taurus man feels threatened by the time you spend with other people, he may take it as a personal affront and feel like you’re trying to get away from him. Set some boundaries.

Taurus men may be jealous if they feel like they lack control.

Taurus men who don’t feel like they have control in a relationship may feel jealous. If your Taurus man feels like he doesn’t have control over the relationship, he may feel jealous if he sees you spending time with someone else as an indication that you don’t need or want his input or help.

If your Taurus man feels like you’re trying to dominate him in the relationship, he may feel jealous. If you’re always making the decisions and choosing where to go and what to do, he may feel like he’s being controlled and that that makes him feel jealous.

Taurus men may be jealous if they feel emasculated in a relationship.

If your Taurus man is used to being the dominant partner in a relationship and suddenly feels emasculated, he may feel jealous. Taurus men are stubborn, set in their ways, and like to get their way.

They have a tendency to resist change, especially when it comes to taking advice from others or getting help. If your Taurus man feels like you are trying to change him or that the relationship is changing him in a way that makes him feel less masculine, he may feel jealous.

Final Words: Don’t Take Everything At Face Value

When it comes to relationships, people are rarely 100% positive or 100% negative. Most people have good qualities and some not-so-great qualities. When we’re in love, we tend to see only the good in our partners and not the bad.

But eventually, the bad will come out. If your Taurus man is jealous, instead of taking it at face value, try to understand why he’s feeling that way. What triggered those feelings?

What can you do to help him feel more secure? Being in a relationship with a Taurus man can be challenging sometimes. But if you understand the way they think and feel, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the challenges they may bring.