Do Libras Really Not Like Capricorns?

Do Libras really not like Capricorns? We all have someone in our lives who seems to dislike us for no apparent reason. But for some people, this isn’t just a friend or acquaintance they can’t figure out how to please. It’s their star sign.

Libras may feel that Capricorns are distant and reserved at the best of times, but they also feel that Capricorns are judgmental and cold. But is this true?

Do Libras really not like Capricorns? and why do Capricorns like libras?

Or is this an issue with communication and misunderstanding on both sides? Read more to find out!

Do Libras really not like Capricorns?

Libras are emotional, sensitive, and empathetic. They’re known for being caring and nurturing, which means they’re likely to gravitate towards other people who seem to be in need of some TLC.

And if you’ve ever met a Capricorn, you’ll know that they are often reserved, which can sometimes come across as cold or judgmental.

It could be that Libras need to do more to try and understand the Capricorn personality type.

For example, one way to get on a Capricorn’s good side might be by showing them your dominant strengths instead of focusing on what you don’t think they’re interested in.

Likewise, it could be that Capricorns have failed to communicate their feelings to their Libras friend or significant other. Communicating your feelings effectively is something everyone can work on!

What do Capricorns think of Libras?

Capricorns are often seen as being traditional and conservative. They are often responsible for the rules of society, which, to some Libras, may seem unfair. Capricorns may seem cold to Libras, especially with the amount of control they have over society.

Because Capricorn wants everything to be perfect before it will show emotion or any type of care, Libras may think that Capricorns are judgmental and have little regard for them. But is this really true?

Capricorns do have a lot of emotional intelligence and care deeply about their loved ones. They just aren’t good at showing it all the time. When they do show their emotions, it’s very genuine because they’ve thought about it beforehand.

Red Flags that show that you might like or dislike someone

We all have that one friend that rubs us the wrong way or that one date who just wasn’t right. It can be really hard to figure out if you actually like someone. But the more time you spend with them, the easier it is to tell.

For Libras, they might find Capricorns to be cold and aloof at first, but they will eventually come to learn that this has more to do with their reserved nature than anything else.

Capricorns want others to take initiative in starting conversations, so they may not always feel close enough with Libras because of this.

But Capricorns are also very quiet when they are upset. This is a big problem for Libras who are highly emotional and need constant reassurance.

Without these reassurances, Libras can feel unloved by their Capricorn partner and start resenting them without understanding why—which is why it’s important for both signs to do better at communicating their feelings with each other!

Final Notes and Considerations

Libras are a fun, free wheeling group of people. They like to be in control and prefer to have structure in their lives. They hate being bossed around, and they don’t like to be told what to do. Because of this, many people assume that Libras don’t like Capricorns. They’re wrong.

In fact, the opposite is true: Libras are drawn to the stability and order that comes with being a Capricorn. Because Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, they need structure and order in their lives. Libras know this, so they can work well with them.

Capricorns are also down to earth, practical people who aren’t afraid to try new things or take risks if they think it will work out for them. This is another attraction for Libras who love variety and change but also want predictability and safety in their lives.

Finally, both Libras and Capricorns value family above all else. It’s not surprising then that these two types often get along very well!