Compared: Calamari Rings vs Calamari Legs.

Squid is an underappreciated seafood. It’s often overshadowed by more common fish like salmon, tuna, and cod.

But don’t let squid fall off your radar! It has a lot of healthy benefits, including being rich in Vitamin B-12 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to being a sustainable seafood choice, it also has a tender texture and a subtle taste that can be a great starter for those who aren’t familiar with its flavors.

In this article we explore the common calamari ring vs calamari legs debate. We compare their nutritional value as well as the cooking methods to help you decide which cut is best for you.

The difference between calamari rings and calamari legs

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is which type of calamari they should order. There are a few different cuts but the most popular are rings and legs. While there isn’t a clear difference in flavor, there are some differences between rings and legs.

Calamari is a cullinary term for cooked squid usually fried. Calamari legs and rings are just a different parts of the squids body and taste quite similar. Calamari rings comes from the squids center body known as the “tube” while the legs are also known as tentacales. The legs tend to be a bit firmer in texture than the rings.

In terms of nutritional value, it’s hard to say that one cut is better than the other as it really depends on what you plan to do with them.

The nutritional benefits of calamari

Squid offers an affordable way to get quality protein, Omega-3s, and other essential nutrients. To start, calamari offers about 45 percent of the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin B-12. It’s also a good source of calcium, iron, copper, and phosphorus. And depending on how you prepare it, calamari can be a lean source of healthy fat as well.

Cooking methods for calamari rings vs calamari legs

One of the main differences between calamari rings and calamari legs is how you cook them. Rings are often breaded and fried; they can be eaten alone or served with a dish like seafood paella. Legs are typically grilled, boiled, or baked.

That being said, Calamari can still be squid legs as such.

If you’re trying to cut down on fat, you may want to avoid frying your calamari rings. If you have more time, try grilling or baking them instead.