Chicken Wings vs Legs

There are two major types of chicken parts on the market: bone-in, skin-on wings and drumsticks or thighs. It’s no surprise that consumers have a preference for one over the other. After all, they are both delicious! For years, chicken wings have been crowned as the most popular part of the bird.

However, in more recent years this has changed. Now more people are choosing legs over wings. Here are some reasons why people prefer these more tasty options.

Wings vs Legs : Which is Better?

There are many factors that go into choosing which chicken part to buy. But, what are the pros and cons of wings vs legs?

Which is better? Chicken Wings or Legs?

There’s no better part of the chicken! Both parts are delicious. What really matters is what you prefer. If you like the taste and texture of wings, go for it! If you prefer to eat meat off the bone with skin on, that’s your choice. There’s no right answer because both parts are great choices. It all comes down to preference and taste buds.

The main difference between these two types of dishes is that legs often come with the thighbone and lower joint still attached while wings do not. This makes wings a bit more convenient if people want to eat them in a sandwich or with their hands. However, this doesn’t mean there’s a clear winner when it comes to which type of meal is superior. All we can say is, “you choose!”


If you are wondering which to order at your local spot, the choice is all up to you. What are your thoughts? Is wings better than legs? Maybe it depends on the sauce.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with either dish. Wings have a higher fat content than legs, but they are also more flavorful. Legs are lower in fat and calories, but they are also less flavorful. You may find it difficult to decide which is better for you.

Weigh the pros and cons of both dishes to make your decision. It’s all up to you!