Cheaper Rice Cookers vs Expensive Ones: What’s The Difference?

Cooking rice can be a real pain. From the time it takes to cook, to the fact that it is often hard to clean, there are many arguments against cooking rice at home. Fortunately, there are now two types of electric rice cookers on the market.

The cheaper ones cost less than $40 and are more affordable for families with tight budgets. The expensive ones range up to $350, but they can offer more features that may make them worth the investment for some people. Here’s what you need to know before deciding which one is right for you.

What are the differences between cheaper and expensive rice cookers?

Cheap rice cookers are similar to slow cookers, meaning they allow you to combine rice with water and then press a button.

The cooker heats up the water, which is then circulated to evenly heat up the rice. Once the rice is finished cooking, the pot will switch to a warming mode until you are ready for it.

Expensive rice cookers are more like pressure cookers in that they’re sealed tight while cooking your rice. This way, there’s no need to worry about excess moisture or condensation getting into your food while it’s cooking.

They also have more functions than cheap options, allowing them to do things like steam and saute in addition to just making rice.

Features of cheaper models

The cheaper models of electric rice cookers can be a great option for families that are on a budget. If you don’t mind waiting up to 40 minutes for your rice to cook, then this is an affordable way for you to make more delicious rice at home.

In addition, these models are less expensive and more affordable than the more expensive versions. They offer a simple way to make rice at home without any excessive features. The drawback is that they take longer than other models because they’re not very efficient in cooking rice.

Features of more expensive models

The more expensive electric rice cookers offer a variety of features that make them worth the investment.

Most models can cook 1-10 cups of uncooked rice, and some can also cook other types of grains like quinoa and oatmeal. These models often come with a measuring cup and spoon for cooking one cup of uncooked rice. The more expensive models may also have a steaming tray to add vegetables to the cooking process.

Some brands even offer a slow cooker mode which will automatically switch to warm when your rice is finished cooking. The cheapest models may only allow you to set the timer between 20-30 minutes or use it as a warmer, but there are other buttons that will not be available on cheaper models.

Some more expensive models also come with manual options so you can control specific settings like texture, while others offer pre-set modes for brown or white rice and mixed rice.


The next time you do your grocery shopping, you may want to consider what type of rice cooker you buy. Cheaper models may seem like the way to go, but they typically lack features that will help you get perfectly cooked rice every time. And if you’re someone who loves rice, this can be a big deal.

But what about an expensive model? The more expensive models offer more features like a timer, LCD display and more. The higher price point may be worth it for some people, but if you’re on a budget, then it may still be worth considering cheaper options. But what’s the cost difference?

Typically there is a $30-$40 difference between the two types of rice cookers. But some models can cost more than $100 or close to $200! So there are differences.