Caesar Salad vs House Salad: What’s the Difference?

There are many different salads out there. But if you’re not sure what the difference is between a Caesar salad and a house salad, don’t worry. We break it down for you here.

A Caesar salad includes romaine lettuce, grated Parmesan cheese, croutons, and anchovy paste all topped off with olive oil and lemon juice. The House Salad will typically include Romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions topped with your favorite dressing such as Italian or Ranch. So which one will it be? It’s up to you!

What is Caesar Salad?

A Caesar salad is a dish made from lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons and olive oil with a dressing of lemon juice and anchovy paste. It is traditionally served as an appetizer or lunch dish. The salad was said to have been invented by chef Cesare Cardini in 1924 at the restaurant he managed in Tijuana, Mexico. He named it after himself using his given name (Cesare) and surname (Cardini).

What is House Salad?

A House Salad is a simple salad that typically includes Romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions. It’s topped off with your favorite dressing such as Italian or Ranch.

Which One Should You Choose?

This is a tough question. Both salads are delicious and offer different textures and flavors. The Caesar salad can be a little more heavy on the cheese and may not be as filling as the house salad. The House Salad can also include cheese and other toppings to make it satisfying for you. It’s up to you to decide which one you like best!


Whether you want a classic salad or a healthier option, this guide will show you that both salads can be the perfect choice. Caesar salad is traditionally made with romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing. House salad includes a variety of greens and vegetables as well as your choice of dressing.

When ordering your salads, it is important to be aware of what ingredients are in each dressing so that you can make a wise decision for yourself. A Caesar dressing would typically include eggs, anchovies, garlic, and olive oil. House dressing typically includes olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, and a variety of herbs and spices.