Body Language Signs That A Leo Man Is In Love

‍When it comes to love, there are no hidden meanings or codes in body language. Love is expressed in many ways and through different gestures. Even if a man is a Leo man, they may not be as open as the Leo woman when it comes to expressing their feelings.

This doesn’t mean that Leo men don’t love. It just means that they express their love differently than women of other zodiac signs.

And because of that, we have to look at other things than usual to see if they’re in love with someone or not. That being said, let’s take a sneak peek into the world of body language and see what are the signs that show a Leo man is in love with his partner.

Eye contact

When a Leo man is in love, the first thing that will probably change is eye contact. They might start to look at their partner longer than usual. They might also look more often at their partner.

When they do all of this, they’re not looking at their partner because they want to undress them. They’re doing it because they want to connect with them and show them love.

Another thing that you’ll probably see is that Leo men will make eye contact when talking about their partner or about things that are related to their relationship.

The hug

Hugs are a great way of showing love and affection. When a Leo man is in love, he probably won’t just hug his partner with a “let’s just be friends” hug.

He’ll be more likely to put his arm around their partner and squeeze them.

He might also take them into his arms and hold them close as if he doesn’t want to let them go ever again. He might also put his hand on their back or on their shoulder.

Sitting position

When men are in love, they will sit closer to their partner. They’ll probably sit with their legs touching their partners, or with their knees touching the other person’s knees.

This is a very common sign of a Leo man being in love. The knee-to-knee position is a position of openness and comfort. Men don’t do this with their friends or other men. They do it only with the woman they love.

Touching the face

When a Leo man is in love, he will probably start to touch his face. He might touch his face with his hands or with his fingers, he might also touch his face when he smiles at you.

For example, he might rub his lips together, or rub his nose. He might do this because he’s nervous and is trying to calm himself down. This means that he’s self-soothing and is probably in love with his partner.


When a Leo man is in love his posture will change. In particular, he will stand with a more open body, with shoulders squared and head held high. He may even lean in to the woman who he loves in an intimate way.

His eyes will also take on a more radiant glow and may flutter slightly, especially when he is worried or excited. To a Leo man, love means looking at another person with admiration and adoration. This gaze can be as subtle as a slight smile or intense, as it can vary greatly between one minute and thirty minutes.