5 Substitutes for Onion in Curry Recipes.

Of all the vegetables and herbs in the world, onion is one of the most common and versatile ones. It can be used in a variety of dishes including curry recipes.

However, some people may find that they don’t like or can’t use onion due to its strong flavor. Here are 5 substitutes for onions in your favorite curry recipes:

* Ginger (try grating it finely)

* Garlic (more potent than ginger, use less)

* Shallots (similar but milder flavor)

* Leeks (milder yet more earthy)

* Scallions (leaves instead of bulbs).

Why substitute onion for your curry recipes?

Some people may find that they don’t like or can’t use onion due to its strong flavor. Some people may also have an onion allergy and need to avoid it for health reasons.

The substitutes listed on the left side of this article will work well as substitutes for onion in your favorite curry recipes. Ginger and garlic are both strong and potent, so you’ll want to use less than a regular onion. Shallots, leeks, and scallions are all milder versions of onions with different flavors; thus, they’re good alternatives as well.

What are the substitutes for onions in curry recipes?

The substitutes for onions in curry recipes are ginger, garlic, shallots, leeks, and scallions. Ginger is the most common substitute for onion in curry recipes because it has a similar flavor; however, it is more potent than onion. You can use garlic or shallots instead of onion to reduce the strong flavor. Leeks are milder but earthier tasting while scallions are milder yet produce an earthy flavor.


One of the substitutes for onions in a curry recipe is ginger. Ginger has a very strong taste and it’s best to grate it finely so that the flavor doesn’t overwhelm the dish.


Garlic is a strong tasting vegetable, so it can be used in place of onion. Garlic becomes even more potent when it’s grated finely. A good rule of thumb is to use more garlic than you would onion and to grate it finely.


Shallots are a milder onion with a more earthy flavor, which makes them an excellent substitute. To use shallots in place of onions in your curry recipe, you can thinly slice or dice them and fry them first to acquire the caramelized flavor. Stir the shallots into the curry paste before adding any other vegetables or protein.


Leeks are a great substitute for onions in your favorite curry recipes. They have a much more milder yet earthier flavor to them. Leeks are usually about an inch wide and as long as 9 inches. They also have a light green tops and white bottoms with a firm texture that will hold up well when cooked. In order to use them as a replacement for onion, just chop or slice them into smaller pieces before adding to the recipe.


Scallions can be a great substitute for onion in your favorite curry recipes. They have a milder yet earthier flavor that is similar to that of onion. However, scallions are also a great substitute because they come with the added bonus of being green. This means that not only will the dish taste better, but it will look better as well!